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What is mean by Hobby?

It is something that you can tell the world or to yourself that you like to do something again and again, simply you won’t get bored of it. I would say it is something that you are interested of doing it. I have listed down my Hobbies here.

Generally when I talk to a stranger or colleague it happened that I ask them about their Hobbies. What my experience says many times I have seen people get puzzled with my question. They take lot of time to tell and they end up with saying ‘whenever they get time, they watch TV’ or ‘doing nothing’ or ‘there is nothing called Hobby in their life’s dictionary’. I simply smile and jump to other topic. I really wonder ‘is it really nothing in the world that excites a person?’

Yesterday, when I sat with pen and paper to note down my family member’s likes (kind of hobbies). I mean if I would know their likes or hobbies then I would end up giving them pleasant surprises which I love to do 🙂 But for my surprise I couldn’t recall anything  that really is a hobby of one of my sister. And I immediately called my sister and asked her to help me out to note down her hobbies.

How much a person really spends time with his/her hobbies? It might be one of reason that people take time to respond to their hobbies.

Does that hobby really excites a person? As I tell the whole world and also to myself that I love dancing because I get excited, I feel fresh and alive. I feel it’s me in the form of dance. It gives me confidence, strength and happiness.

And when someone started enjoying his/ her hobby, then they will convert that into passion and live life with that passion. And no wonder we have many examples.

I am not judging a person by knowing his /her hobbies. Actually I want to understand a person when he /she is not able to tell his/ her hobbies what could be the reason behind it 🙂


Written by savita

September 24, 2010 at 5:38 am

Posted in Personal


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