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I go to office by local Bus. For my convenience I take Monthly Bus pass. At the end or starting of the month I would witness some defaulter passengers who have been travelling without the ticket and ticket checker catch them very easily. The one who travels without Bus ticket would fine 100/- It also happens that ticket checker hardly finds any defaulter for that day and I feel proud about civilians that they are aware of the rules. They buy tickets in the most crowded buses. They buy the tickets irrespective of their moods, situations or balance in pocket. They buy ticket irrespective of fight with conductor for the change. They buy the ticket irrespective of anything. This may be the result of punishment

We punish anyone very easily. Our focus is mostly on catching people for doing wrong things. It may be our systems especially Indian culture.

Bud do we reward someone or that day or that conductor where everyone travelled with tickets? Do we take a note of that? Why someone fails to catch someone for doing right things first?

Same thing is applicable to any system, any profession or person.

I will put it in simple words what I mean to say is ‘Do we catch people doing the right things first before we setting up any punishment or any rule?’

One of my friend rightly said that in India there is a punishment for everything that a person don’t do it correctly or don’t obey the law or rule but fail to place any system where one can reward him/her for doing right thing and we leave the space for corruption. And we could see only corruption and corruption.

Ask how many times I rewarded or catch someone for doing the right things?


Written by savita

April 10, 2011 at 9:15 pm

Posted in Personal


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