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VGP Amusement park in Chennai

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I moved to Chennai with my husband. Every weekend we find new places in Chennai to spend some good time together. We had been to Marina Beach, Besant Nagar Beach, Express Avenue and Ascendas. We heard that on ECR road VGP amusement park which is worth spending whole day with family. Today fortunately Weather was good. We decided to visit the park. We were excited. We enquired about the park timings & details to reach park. We started from our house at 11am so that we can spend whole day.

We reached there, unfortunately sun was showing his presence & scorching heat was unbearable to us. But we did not lost the hope we thought inside we will enjoy. The ticket of park is 175/-per head which included 13 free rides.

We were three people including my mother in law. The Entrance was very attractive. Some children rides were available at the starting point. The park is near beach so we can go to beach as well. But we did not have the excitement for Beach because we already seen the Marina & Besant Nagar beach.

There are old sculptures standing since decades. We came to know that it is made up of historical place. I did not find anywhere written what exactly it was. There is a Statue Man standing in yellow cloths. We thought it’s statue but it was fat, giant man standing in yellow robe. I found it very hilarious because why there is need of calling him as a statue. Anyways our frustration started increasing & we were searching for some excitement or some kind of fun. Then we saw different boards giving us direction. We selected one ride when we reach there we came to know that this ride will charge us 20/- per head. I was wondering which 13 rides are free.

It was disappointing. We did not take it. We started searching a ride which is free. Actually they should not write as ‘FREE’ because anyways I paid 175/- for all those 13 rides.

Somehow we found Giant Wheel. I was excited but my husband & mummy were quite frustrated. We sat in Giant wheel, when started we thought we will have blast. Giant wheel started we could see the top view, we could see the beach. The views were amazing but another disappointment was Giant wheel did not have anything so called ‘SPEED’. All my excitement was gone. Now I also got frustrated. I felt I wasted time & money. I still trying to tell them that we are already in so we should not think other options, we should enjoy it but I failed to find anything so called amusement.

We hardly had 3 rides but lack of speed we did not enjoy any ride. Rest everything was under maintenance & other rides were chargeable. Even Water Park has 150/- ticket.

Food courts were as if they don’t know what cleanliness is.

I would not recommend VGP amusement park to anyone because it is waste of time & money. I hope near future they will be sincere with their customer & give amusement to worth of the amount chargeable.


Written by savita

October 1, 2011 at 4:52 am

Posted in Personal, Travel


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