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How I started a New day – Day 3

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Have you ever done jogging while it was drizzling?

Fortunately today I did it. 5:30AM when wakeup call rang I was out of my bed. Was it difficult to get out of cozy bed? Yes but how much time it takes to decide you? Hmmm may be a second or two. That is where your determination comes & you make choice.

I choose to make my day excited & worth living. I am going to continue jogging till it becomes habit. I am going to have hot water & honey instead of tea till it becomes habit. Why am I changing the old habits because I don’t want to listen from a doctor any surprises about my health. If I have build stamina over a period of time then why should not I maintain it? Exercise excites me, keep me fit then why to give any kind of excuse of not doing it.

Here is my previous posts which where I lived my new day – one & two without any excuse 🙂


Written by savita

October 3, 2011 at 6:37 am

Posted in Health, Personal


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