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How I started a New day – Day 6

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How I am alive without morning tea? I never imagined my days  without a strong cup of tea.

Eventually new habits will turn into new lifestyle which will benefit in long run. Was it difficult? I don’t think so. Quitting any habit which you think is not good for you are really easy, the difficult part is to maintain them & that’s what my trial with this jogging exercise & morning tea. I want to see how long I can continue jogging without any long break. I agree that there will be breaks but that should not affect my habit.

Another most important thing about jogging or any other exercise is to have proper sport wears else you will start disliking exercise. Today I had experience the same, wearing a long t-shirt which was very thick because I did not pay attention towards my t-shirt. That caused me lot of irritation 😦

I swear jogging cannot be done without any good sport wear. You must have it.

This Diwali I will gift myself or will ask my husband to present a good Nike sport wear 🙂

Jogging speed: Constant

Rounds: 5 (4 minutes / round)

Rewinding my previous days here 1234 & 5


Written by savita

October 6, 2011 at 7:16 am

Posted in Health, Personal


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