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How I Started a New day – Day 8

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Hang on I did not stop my jogging. I am back on track after 8 days gap. I don’t want to give reasons of why I could not do jogging. I know nothing can stop me if I really want to do except myself.

I don’t expect wonders out of jogging like reducing weight by 5 kg or so. I do it to keep myself active, light & energetic. Surely my investment of time & energy will give best results later in life.

I felt that today’s speed of jogging was not as good as previous days. The gap was the main reason. I don’t feel guilty about not keep my own commitment as there is no point of feeling guilty now. As the phrase says ‘Actions speaks louder than words’.

What if you miss one day still there is another day to do what you love to do 🙂

Jogging speed: 5 min/ round

Duration: 25 mins (5 rounds)


Written by savita

October 17, 2011 at 7:50 am

Posted in Health, Personal


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