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My friends, family and colleagues in office were surprised when I announced that we sold our Television. My husband’s friend once came home and was jaw stuck to know the box now gone forever!!! Poor Guy, He wanted to watch cricket that very moment.

Others gave lot of suggestions to retract the decision. But the decision was made to sell as we wanted peace at home not 24×7 chatter box.

“You watch TELEVISION to turn your brain off and you work on your computer when you want to turn your brain on.”

— Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer and Pixar, in Macworld Magazine, February 2004

Reasons why we decided to RIP our beloved TELEVISION:


– None can bargain anything for time especially when it comes to watching the idiot box play for whole day, 30 days a month. As a result, we sometime complain about our family members not giving time to us.

Ever imagined how recreation for small duration actually eats up large chunks of our valuable time relaxing out butt and watch the world on tube.

If we can abstain ourselves during school exams then why not abandon it forever? Why do we start counting it as another member of the house who only talks and we listen to?

Can a picture tube replace meeting friends, seeing places, talking to your family members or knowing thyself?

A thing of ‘stress buster’ turns out to be a ‘clutter house of distress’!!!


– Channels taking birth today can compete against any country’s birth rate.

Different people with different demands to watch different channels.

Result: Dissatisfaction and Unhappiness.

Watching television today limits the thinking power of young children.


– ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’. Other thing that gets added with this little knowledge includes:

– Pain in the eyes

– back pain

– introvert nature

– Passive thinking

– wasting time

Ever imagined, what can go wrong in your life in absence of Television?

One thing for sure, you’ll learn new things, have time for yourself and family and live life free.

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P.S. – I would like to thank my husband Rahul for taking out time and reviewing, editing my post 🙂


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October 10, 2011 at 10:36 pm

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